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Elevate Your Contract Acquisition Game

Complete Profiling System

Detail Your Expertise
Your agency's comprehensive profile, just a few clicks away. Craft a detailed profile for your healthcare staffing agency on Clientilo. Highlight your company’s information, its area of expertise, years of experience, and certification status. This initial step sets the stage for precise matches with medical facilities

Tailored Matchmaking

Perfect Connections, Every Time Our sophisticated algorithm finds the ideal healthcare facilities for you. Clientilo’s advanced matching algorithm ensures your agency is paired with the perfect healthcare facilities. Based on your detailed profile, you'll be connected with a range of facilities in need of your services, ensuring a win-win relationship.

Dedicated Contract Manager

Never Navigate Alone
Your guide in the journey of securing contracts.
Every registered staffing agency on Clientilo is paired with a dedicated Contract Manager. They're your partners in securing contracts within your territory. With meticulous logging of every contact and communication, you'll always be in the loop.

Invoicing and Payment Solutions

Simplify Your Finances Streamline invoicing and experience hassle-free payments. With Clientilo, generate invoices to send directly to hospitals and medical facilities. We also provide a secure, easy-to-use payment option for staffing agencies, saving you time and resources.

Ongoing Support and Communication

We're with You, Every Step of the Way Consistent support and communication until the job is done. Clientilo believes in ongoing relationships. Our Contract Managers maintain regular interactions with both the healthcare organization and your agency until the position in question is filled.

Simply create profiles. Hire experts. Get direct contracts.