Propel Your Business to New Heights with Clientilo

Healthcare staffing agencies are required to purchase a level-based subscription to access premium features and open the doors to an enriched experience.

A subscription purchase gives you increased access to healthcare facilities and a boost in contract opportunities.
The subscription not only enables you to leverage our platform's full capabilities but also demonstrates your commitment to excellence and growth in the healthcare staffing landscape.

Profile Management

Craft a Standout Agency Profile

Your agency's unique identity sets the groundwork for successful contract acquisitions. With Clientilo, creating a comprehensive and engaging agency profile is as easy as a few clicks. Showcase your strengths, highlight your accomplishments, and connect with the best healthcare facilities.

Contract Management

Streamlined Contract Acquisition and Management

From initial contact to contract fulfillment — we've got it all covered. Experience contract management like never before. With your dedicated Contract Manager, navigate the journey of securing contracts seamlessly. Data is also recorded for perusal.

Financial Ease

Effortless Invoicing and Secure Payments

Clientilo modernizes your financial operations. Generate and send invoices directly to healthcare facilities using our intuitive platform. Our secure payment system ensures hassle-free transactions, allowing you to focus on what truly matters — delivering exceptional staffing services.

Our Partners

MSM Consulting's experienced healthcare staffing consultants provide a comprehensive suite of services, including licensing, operation manuals, accreditation, expansion, and more

Exclusive Online Training Platform, Specially Tailored for Healthcare Staffing Agencies, to Elevate the Skills and Expertise of their staff.

Empowering Healthcare Staffing Agencies with Full-Cycle and On-Demand RPO Solutions.

Simply create profiles. Hire experts. Get direct contracts.