Contract Manager

Maximize Your Potential and Results with Clientilo

Sales Support

Guiding You Towards Contractual Success

Clientilo serves as your partner in driving sales by connecting healthcare staffing agencies with medical facilities in need of their services. We pave the way for you to foster these vital relationships, while you center your efforts on the key task: finalizing contracts.

Performance Tracking

Effortless Oversight of Your Achievements

Stay ahead of your work with Clientilo's tracking system. We record every interaction made with healthcare facilities, providing a transparent and comprehensible view of your sales trajectory. It's the perfect tool to keep your operations tidy and highly productive.

Contract Acquisition

Simplifying the Path to Contracts

Clientilo takes the complexity out of contract acquisition. All crucial contract details — including the healthcare organization's name, the staff types needed, and more — are seamlessly integrated into the agency's profile. Your primary role? To close the deal and secure the contract.

Commission-based Remuneration

Rewarding Your Successes

At Clientilo, we recognize your efforts by offering a commission-based remuneration. You earn your commission after successfully securing a contract with healthcare facilities. This model ensures that your hard work is rewarded in a fair and motivating manner. So, the more contracts you secure, the more you earn.

Continuous Collaboration

Ongoing Partnership for Achieving Goals

Clientilo champions continuous collaboration. Our platform empowers you to maintain regular contact with the healthcare organization and the staffing agency until the contract's successful conclusion. We are with you, supporting and celebrating your wins every step of the way.

Simply create profiles. Hire experts. Get direct contracts.